What is a breakable item?

Breakable items are items that are very sensitive to external forces such as shocks, pushes and clamps. Breakable items require careful management and handling compared to non-breakable items. So whether it’s time to pack for moving or packing for a normal day, make sure breakable items are packed as well as possible.

Examples of breakable items in your home:

1. Separate breakable and non-breakable items.

When separating and packing things to move, make sure you pack and store your things carefully, especially simple things like glass. First separate breakable items in one place and non-breakable items in another corner and store the items in the same place according to the type of item. One more thing, if you’re a stranger from the beginning, it’s easier to pack in a new house. For items that are no longer used and will be thrown away, make sure the items are placed in the plastic waste to avoid confusion.

2. Store And Pack Items That Are The Same Or Almost The Same Size.

After separating items, store and pack items of the same size so as not to waste space and avoid collisions between small and large items and cause them to break. For example, small glass plates in one box and large glass plates in different boxes. This isolation will also help you a lot when packing in your new home later.

3. Get the Right Materials for Packing.

If you want to store items, you have to make sure you choose and use suitable wrapper materials and boxes to store items according to their respective types.

a. Wrappers

Wrap or wrap glass items with bubble wrap, corrugated paper, old newspapers or unused cloth. So that the item is located and does not move. Wrap one by one you know. If you don’t have time to do so, for items that are not easily broken, there is no need for a wrapper.

b. Box

So after it’s ready to wrap or wrap beautifully, neatly, prepare enough boxes. Use thick and quality boxes to store your items. If you don’t have enough, you can buy or go to the nearest supermarket or store to get used boxes. Small and medium-sized boxes can be used to store fragile items such as glass so that they are easy to lift during the transfer process. This is because small and medium boxes are easier to handle and lift. Yes. Glass is heavy. If you use a big box, it is not suitable to lift. Then, fall. I’ll stop being angry later. For items that are not easily broken, you can use large, medium or small size boxes.

4. Arrange the plates vertically in the box to reduce the risk of breakage when lifting and moving.

Oh yeah! Brothers and sisters, some sources say that if you store and stack your plates vertically in the box you can reduce the risk and potential for breakage during the lifting and moving process. You can try it later. This action can also save space. So many items can be stored in the box. Remember yes! Wrap or wrap each plate first, then arrange and store in a box. It’s just more effective.

5. Fill the empty space in the box with paper or old newspapers so that the item does not move when it is lifted.

When storing the item, you must notice that every corner or left, right, front, back, there will be cavities or empty spaces that allow the stored item to move. So you have to stuff or fill the empty space with paper or old newspapers so that the item does not move during the lifting and moving process.

6. Wrap the outside of the box with tape as much as possible to avoid tearing the box.

After wrapping and storing the items in the box, the box needs to be wrapped on the outside using as much adhesive tape as possible, especially for fragile items to prevent the box from tearing because it cannot support the weight of the items inside. Use tape that is strong and not as thin as onion skin. Ideally, use good quality and ideal size adhesive tape or the bigger the better.

7. Label with  “Fragile” stickers on boxes that contain fragile items.

Next, you are ready to put all the items in the box, make sure you label the boxes with stickers so that it is easy to move and pack in the new house. “fragile” stickers can be attached to boxes containing fragile items. Meanwhile, the remaining boxes can be labeled according to the type of goods in the box such as “toys”, “clothes” and others. Parents or teams must be very grateful if you label the boxes clearly. So unwanted incidents like broken plates, cracked ceramic vases can be successfully avoided.

8. Store Electrical Items In The Original Box.

For electrical items such as TV, PC, PS4, kettle and rice cooker, you can return the original box that you got when you first bought it. If you have thrown it away, use a box that is the same size as the items. No problem!

9. Place or collect the boxes in an open area or near the exit door.

Ready to store all the items in the box, place or collect all the boxes in an open area such as the living room or near the main entrance. So it will be easy for the fathers, teams to move the box into the truck. No need to enter the kitchen, store or go upstairs. But if it’s heavy, the team is ready to help.

10. Use an Appropriate Towel or Wiping Cloth

So, if you want to clean, clean or wipe your glass items or accessories or decorative items such as ceramic and porcelain vases, make sure to use a suitable towel or wiping cloth. The most famous and easily available towel is the Good Morning towel. There are many types of wipes such as cotton and linen which are very good at absorbing moisture. Do not use a kitchen or dining tablecloth, hand towel or pot lining cloth to wipe decorative items. Separate the towels according to their use. For example, clothes for drying dishes, clothes for wiping hands, clothes for wiping dining tables, clothes for lining hot pots, and clothes for wiping furniture and jewelry.

11. Clean Fragile Items Carefully

Be sure to clean breakable items with care. If it breaks, you also lose! Hold with an ideal grip, not too strong or not too loose. I’m sure glass items are more expensive than other items, right? So, you have to handle it well.

12. Make sure your child does not play around you

When packing, make sure your children are not playing around you. Afraid if they hit you while packing, it’s a loss. You can’t get angry, because the children are still small and don’t understand the value of the item. Maybe you can tell them to play somewhere else, give them “toys” so that they focus on those toys, or wait for them to sleep or go to school.

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